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Our names are Cata and Sophia and we want to show you the world from the eyes of the locals.

Akram "Kam" - "If you want to get fat, this is the place to be!"

Akram "Kam" - "If you want to get fat, this is the place to be!"

We visited Brunei for a few days and right away we noticed that there were no taxis and practically no buses either. People told us that we should hitchhike everywhere and that's exactly what we did.

In one of these hitchhikes we met Kam.

1. What is your name, where do you come from and what do you do for living?

I come from Brunei, I live in Kapong Lambak and I have my own business. I own a car washing business and I do a bit of buying and selling cars as well. In Bunei, everybody has a car. It doesn’t matter where you work or even if you work, you have a car, which is a good thing for my business. That’s the main transportation around here. Public transport is very hard to find because of that, so before you're 18 the parents have to take the kids everywhere, which is also a good way to make sure they don’t do anything wrong.

2. What advice would you give to someone like us that just arrived here? 

If someone is looking for entertainment, don’t come! But for someone looking for peace and to move around anywhere without any hassle then Brunei is the place! Our country slogan is “Adobe of peace” and we really try to represent it.

 3. What would you say is your favourite food?

If you want to get fat, this is the place to be! There’s a lot of food. Only here you can find nasi katok. Its rice with chicken and chili sauce, and only costs 1 dollar! You can find a variety of nasi katok, different place, different taste. Everyday I eat it! My wife cooks the perfect one! She should have a nasi kato business, I told her already.

4. What's your favourite place here in Brunei?

Everywhere in Brunei. Because its easier to comunicate here. Whenever you need anything, anyone is always available to assist you as they can. The trouble is, travellers don’t always like it here because there’s no nightlife, no entertainment. But for us, this is very fine. You can sleep at night at 9pm, you don’t ever have to be scared or being robbed in your home, here is good. 

5. What would be the perfect Sunday afternoon plan?

I don’t have a day off. Everyday is my day off. I work whenever I want but I can never take a whole day, I always have to supervise the business, take care of the customers so I come here everyday, even if it’s only five minutes. Right now, when I have some time, I spend it at home, with my family. I just got married, three months ago. We’re thinking of having kids, hopefully!

6. What do you usually do for fun?

It depends on the definition of fun. If your looking for a bar or to party you can’t find here. But entertainment such as going to the playground, to go to the beach you can find here, that’s our speciality. Everyone is already used to it so nobody really minds about it. The sultan was the one that decided to stop the clubs and karaoke and so on. I don’t really know why, but for me it’s a good thing. Brunei is an Islamic country so by doing things like we're doing, the future kids of our country will know how to do good. This is something that they have to know from the beginning so they can implement it to their life and get used to it early on. So I’m really ok with this decision.

7. What’s your dream job?

My dream job would be to not have a job but have money! I would just invest and make decisions, while other people would work for me. That would be the best, so I could travel everywhere I want.

8. What would you like to ask our next host?

What are you most proud about your country? (read answer here)


Tips & Recommendations

Visit the famous mosques -Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque and ame'Asr Hassanil Bolkiah Mosque.

Get in one of the local boasts and ask the driver to take you to the Mangrove Jungle to see the monkeys with the hanging nose.

Chris Yong - "A smiley face will get you very good luck!"

Chris Yong - "A smiley face will get you very good luck!"

14 days in Sri Lanka

14 days in Sri Lanka