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Our names are Cata and Sophia and we want to show you the world from the eyes of the locals.

Mithral Perera - "My hobbies? I love gardening"

Mithral Perera - "My hobbies? I love gardening"

Negombo is a beach town just ten minutes away from the airport so it's perfect is you want to start your trip away from the chaos of a typical Asian capital. You'll find many locals that can help you plan out the rest of your stay in Sri Lanka, just like we found Mithral.

1. What is your name, where do you come from and what do you for living?

My name is Mithral Perera, I'm from Negombo and I run a guesthouse for a living, called Sea Drift. 

2. What advice would you give to someone lie us that just arrived to Negombo?

People normally come here for one or two nights before they start their trip around Sri Lanka. So I'm used to helping them plan where to go next. They usually travel for 2 or 3 weeks, in these cases, I tell them to go to: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Trincomalee and Dambulla-Sigiriya. Then go down to Kandy and then take the train to Ella. After going on the Yala safari, they should definitively head to the coast, to the lovely beaches of Tangalle and Mirissa. Hikkaduwa is very good for snorkeling and scuba diving.

And then they come back to Negombo and holiday is over!

Negombo is mostly about the beach. There are a few places to see like the buddhist temple, the dutch fort that was built by the Dutch more than 3000 years ago. And then there's the fish market, every early morning, except for sunday, at 6 oclock when the boats come ashore. It's the best place to get fresh fish!


3. What do you usually do for fun?

My hobbies? I love gardening and my favourite sport is cricket. I also used to play soccer.

4. What would you say is your favourite food?

Rice and curry. But it's spicy!! The best one is the one my wife cooks.

5. What would be the perfect Sunday afternoon plan?

On Sundays, we usually go to the beach and have fun. We play some volleyball with family and friends, then we go out for a restaurant in Colombo.

6. What's your favourite place in Negombo?

King Coconut. It's a lovely restaurant, it's a nice place to have fun in the evening.

7. What do you advise us to do in our next stop, Anuradhapura?

You should see the ruins and temples that were built many years ago.

8. What would you like us to ask the next host?

What's the weirdest thing a tourist has asked you? (read answer here)

Priyeangika Wilson - "People usually go there to ask for specific wishes, hoping they will come true"

Priyeangika Wilson - "People usually go there to ask for specific wishes, hoping they will come true"

Cata & Sophia - "Travelling. Anywhere and anytime"

Cata & Sophia - "Travelling. Anywhere and anytime"